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Background & Portfolio

My academic career was built in universities "UVIGO" (Spain) and "UTAD" (Portugal), in the area of Software Engineering (finished in 2009). Since then I have always gain more experience with working, with the evolution of everything and with research/development in my free time.

The experience goes through Software Engineering, Database Architecture, Computer Graphics and Video Solutions. Currently I'm working with the Microsoft/Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV platform, in Portugal Telecom (MEO - PT Inovação - Altice Labs), plus development of interactive applications, web applications, web services and databases. All this with the help of SCRUM, JIRA, UML, Visual Studio, .NET Framework, SQL Server, and many other tools, frameworks and methodologies.

At the same time of my regular work, in my free time, I have many projects with Drones/UAVs, for autonomous control scenarios, security, emergency, competition, aerial capture of video/photo and for fun. Also, I develop mobile applications for Android and Windows Phone.

In the past I did many projects with Augmented Reality, Interactive Applications, Client/Server Geolocated Applications, Stereo Vision, Motion Capture, Match Move, many other video techniques, Dynamic Video Stream, Video Streaming Servers and Mobile Applications.

Some Video Projects.

Some Web and Mobile Applications.

Some Video Projects, with highly advanced techniques (names in the titles), done BEFORE 2009.

Products & Services

Despite of my full time job, I'm also collected in fiscal/financial terms. So I can provide services in all areas in which I have experience (referred to in the previous section), as well as selling products.

Products and Services list.


"InfoByAir" - Registered Patent, it's an aerial visual communication device for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, consisting of LED technology, forming a single or multi-color illuminated screen. It's an aerodynamic geometric structure with multiple shapes possible and visible all around you.
See a demonstration video here

Aerial solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or "Drones"

Trainings/workshops, video/photo, FPV, competition, on-demand solutions/projects and more.

Video Solutions

Techniques, effects, equipment, hand stabilization, video transmission, on-demand accessories for GoPro, 3D, computer graphics, digital image processing and more.

Software Solutions

Software and database engeneering and architecture, consulting, multi-platform applications, on-demand solutions and more.


Questions, requests, services, products, consulting, ideas or challenges?
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